Adult Women’s Trauma Therapy Group

For Women who are ready to go from stuck, frozen, and numb to healthy, connected, and thriving.

Adults experience a variety of responses to trauma, including anxiety, panic attacks, fear, emotional numbness, depression, guilt, shame, isolation, conflict avoidance, and physical health complications. 

The Adult Women’s Trauma Therapy Group will help you to:

  • Understand the impact trauma has had on your physical body

  • Reclaim the power of your feelings and emotions

  • Increase coping skills for any stressors

  • Recover Your health and emotions

  • Stop the cycle of trauma in your family.

  • Show up more authentically in your relationships

  • Get comfortable with and own your power

Please get in touch with us at 309-807-5077 or email us at for more information about the Adult Women’s Trauma Group. You may also fill out the form below and someone will call you with more information on how to attend.

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