Self-Care In Under Two Minutes

Self-Care in Under Two Minutes
By Jenn Bovee, LCSW, CRADC, CCHt
EMDR Trained

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For many of the clients we work with at the Mental Wellness Center, when the topic of self-care comes up, it just becomes one more thing that they don’t have the time, energy, or ability to engage in.

And after a few failed attempts, self-care becomes just one more thing that our clients are not successful at. Which, in turn, becomes one more thing for them to beat themselves up over.

We really want to protect you from having to go down that rabbit hole.

Because we are firm believers in setting our clients up for success, we wanted to provide you with this blog that focuses on self-care techniques that you can complete in less than two minutes.

Our philosophy is that if we keep our self-care tactics to less than two minutes, it reduces the resistance that we experience surrounding the self-care acts.

If you are local to our Mental Wellness Center office, please feel free to stop by and grab one of our two minute self-care timers! They are super effective for slowing you down long enough to engage in self-care for two minutes.

Because we wanted to offer you as many positive self-care techniques as possible in this blog, we are going to limit what we say about each technique. Our recommendations for ways to engage in self-care activities for two-minutes include, but are not limited to:

  1. Start a compliment/positive experiences/success file.

  2. Spend two minutes cloud watching or star gazing.

  3. Deep breathing for two minutes.

  4. Schedule in time to play.

  5. Smell some fresh flowers.

  6. Listen to your favorite song.

  7. Doodle or sketch something meaningless.

  8. Do a two minute decluttering of your life or home.

  9. Make a gratitude list.

  10. Stretch or even just move your body.

  11. Eliminate people who feed you negativity.

  12. Drink cold water.

  13. Mark something off your to do list.

  14. Make a quick list of the last compliments you received.

  15. Make a cup of tea for yourself.

  16. Interact with your pet and just allow them to know they are loved.

  17. Walk or stand barefoot in the grass.

  18. Daydream about a day in your perfect life.

  19. Close the curtains and DANCE.

  20. Sit with your favorite essential oil and just breathe.

As you can see, none of these self-care activities are super time consuming.

The transformation that begins to take shape as clients begin engaging in two minutes of self-care is absolutely miraculous because it begins to program the mind to be aware of their own value, instead of dismissing it!

Many of us live in an exhausted, overwhelmed and overworked state of existence. We, at the Mental Wellness Center, advocate for an end to working ourselves beyond exhaustion and over-committed state of existence.

We advocate that people begin taking better care of themselves in order to improve the mental health of Americans everywhere.

If you need any help implementing self-care techniques or run into resistance implementing these tactics, please reach out and set up an appointment.

Jenn Bovee